Monday, August 19, 2013

A visit to the village

Me & Sarah jumped on the train yesterday and spent a couple of hours in Port Sunlight. I’ve been wanting to go back for some time now to take a series of ‘then & now’ photos to show how the village has or hasn’t changed in the last sixty years.

I’m comparing the photos I took yesterday to the ones taken in 1953 for the book published by Lever Brothers The Story of Port Sunlight. I’ll post those photos soon and they’ll also go in the Then and Now 1953 - 2013 Tab.

But for now, tell me exactly where this photo was taken?

“We stand in a row and see you plodding off to work and running off to play, but to us you look your happiest when you find the time to stare at our slender girlish beauty, a shimmer in the breeze.”

Taken from The Story of Port Sunlight with reference to the poplar trees in Church Drive/The Causeway (which is obviously not where this photo was taken!).


  1. Aha!..over the road from our house in the Ginnel...was going to say Dave next September the Cheshire regiment is going to reproduce the Wirral regiment marching to Port Sunlight station to go to Chester as they did 100 years ago...granddad was amongst them...Rob

    1. It was very strange to be standing outside.... I kept expecting to see Mum at the window.


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